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Ceiling Colors

After a hard day’s work, when you come back home and lie on your bed, the ceiling is the first thing that you notice. So, to enhance its beauty and to make you feel more relaxed, appropriate paints should be chosen.

For a majority of people, painting the room starts and ends with choosing the right color for the walls. Very rarely do people think of the ceiling as the general feeling is that white is the ideal shade. This perception among people needs to be changed considering the fact that almost one sixth of the room space is represented by the ceiling and hence, if the right color and texture for the same are selected, it can add a lot of excitement to the room and can even completely change its appearance.


Painting Ideas

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White ... Is it the Ideal Choice?

White has always been the most popular choice as far as ceiling colors are concerned. But, it has its own drawbacks. If the room has a low ceiling and white is used for painting it, it can make it appear much more closer than it actually is. On the other hand, if white is used for painting high ceilings, it can make it appear much farther than they are in reality. So white should be used for painting only those ceilings which are neither too high nor too low.


Include a bit of Wall Color

People who want to consider no other option but white for the ceiling, for them an interesting tip is to paint it in two shades, i.e, white, and the wall color used in the room. One can even consider creating one’s own unique design by mixing the wall color with white and then using this combination.


Get Inspired by Nature

If the walls of the room have been painted in white or any other light shade, then innovative designs can be used to paint the ceilings to add drama to the room. One can even get inspired by nature and paint it sky blue, yellow sunrise, or orange sunset. Such creative ideas will certainly make the room look different and unique.


Create Designs

After painting the base white, one can use different colors such as pink, red, or dark blue to create different geometrical shapes such as circles or triangles or even stars on the ceiling.


Another way to give the room a unique look, is to paint around a foot of the walls near the ceiling, in the same color. For a better effect, the color of the lower walls and that of the ceiling, should be in total contrast.

It’s not only the ceiling color that one has to choose properly but the paint finish as well. One can go in for a flat paint finish if the colors opted are light. If it is dark, then a high gloss paint finish which has a slight reflective sheen, can be chosen. Thus, by creatively selecting and using the ceiling colors as well as the paint finish, the entire décor of the room can be enhanced as well as its feel, completely changed.

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