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Ceramic Tile Murals

Ceramic tile murals are a great way of adding an element of charm to any bland surface in your home. This article provides information on what these murals are like, some design ideas, their durability, and the care and maintenance required for them.

These days, most homes are decorated with great taste. Nobody likes to look at plain, bland surfaces anymore. Most home décor is done by following a certain theme. From the ceilings to floors, everything reflects the personal style of the occupants. Even bathroom walls are no longer covered in plain white ceramic tiles. People are taking special efforts to make their homes look as artistic as possible. Ceramic tile paintings have evolved as a new form of improving the aesthetics of bland surfaces in a home. Earlier, ceramic tile paintings were only restricted to fruit bowls on kitchen backsplashes. However, the newest forms of these paintings are tile murals.

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Murals of Ceramic Tile

These are basically tiles that are custom-made, hand-painted, and kiln fired. They can be of any size, and usually come unassembled for decorating bathrooms, showers, patios, and walls. A regular marble decorative tile mural is used for indoor purposes only. There can be quite a few variations in the murals, like the wall murals or the fence murals, which can either be hand-painted or printed. Ceramic and tumbled marble murals can provide an enthralling backdrop to your kitchen, patio, bathroom, shower, or barbecue island.


Design Ideas

Most murals are painted by artists who deal in this business. Since, these murals are custom-made for each client, they reflect a unique style and design. There are also some companies who deal in this business. Some of the most popular designs are landscapes, seascapes, coral reefs, marine life, lighthouses, and palm trees etc. If you decide to go for a custom-made mural, then you can get it done as per your taste. You can even create the design yourself and get it printed on the tiles. Many tile companies also recreate the works of famous artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Degas etc. In short, there is no bound to imagination when it comes to designing them.



Since these tiles are kiln fired, the paintings are permanent. They do not fade away, wash off, or get damaged in any way, even when they are installed outdoors. Heat, moisture, and hot liquids do not affect the beauty of these murals. Thus, once you install them, these marvelous pieces will continue to enchant your guests for years to come.


Installing these murals is as simple as installing tile flooring. The artist or the manufacturing company will provide you a pictorial template of numbered tiles, so that you can install everything yourself, without bearing additional expenses.

Care and Maintenance

These murals come in two textures: matte and glossy. The glossy ones should be routinely treated with a non-oil based household cleaning solution. This will keep them sparkling for a long time. Additional care will depend upon the area where you have installed the mural. Matte tiles are comparatively easier to maintain


Ceramic tile murals are a great way of adorning the bland areas in your house. They offer you ample scope for creativity, both in terms of design as well as the locations where you can install them. They are a sure shot way of capturing the attention of your visitors.

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