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Eggshell Paint

Eggshell is an easy to apply paint. It is very popular with those who want to see their walls covered with a shade that is not too glossy nor too matte.

If you are wondering how a type of paint from the color clan came to be known as the eggshell paint, then you need to think in the ‘literal’ direction. When we place an egg right in front of the eye to have a direct view, the egg looks flat. On the other hand, if we look at it from an angle, we are bound to notice a soft sheen, a texture that is not exactly glossy and not exactly matte. The texture falls somewhere in the middle.


What Is Eggshell Paint?

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Eggshell paint pertains to a color ranging from pale yellow to white. The tinge of yellow delivers a sheen to the paint. The paint’s sheen has a low degree of gloss to deliver in terms of appearance. As the gloss factor is not a dominant feature of the paint, the reflectance of light is perceptible in nature. The eggshell paint is the perfect pick for interior painting if you want your walls to wear a soft, beautiful glow. The paint finish is a fine melange of satin and semi-gloss which makes it suitable for kids bedroom wall color, living room and dining area. The white with a yellowish tinge makes the room appear larger than it is in the actual, due to the degree of light reflectance. Dark colors, if used in the living area, give an impression of a room that prevents progress, thereby restricting free movement. It curbs the room from looking its spacious self.

How to Use Eggshell Paint?

You could do it all by yourself with meticulous planning and systematic visualization. Here are certain easy and quick steps you may follow.


*Remove all the furniture, paintings, portraits and everything that belongs to the room to be painted, and place it in another room. It would be advisable to cover the furniture and the paraphernalia to avoid paint splatter if it is a studio apartment and does not have equivalent space to accommodate the furniture.

*Cover the areas around the window, doorways, the chandelier on the ceiling to avoid the paint from trickling down.


*It is necessary to ensure that the walls are dry, otherwise, the eggshell paint will not stick and would fail to give the desired effect.

*Take a brush, open the paint tumbler and stir the contents well and pour it into the bucket. Paint the sides of the window, the doorway with an edger brush. You will not be satisfied enough to use the paint roller in these areas. The paint rollers don’t allow the paint to reach the edges or the corners of the wall.


*Begin with the ceiling, let it dry completely and then you may decide if it needs a second coat. Proceed to the walls and start painting them with a paint roller. Let the walls dry. Apply a second coat if need be.

*When you are done with the entire process of painting, you may shift the furniture and the other accompaniments back to their respective places. Congratulations! You are done.


Why Prefer Eggshell Paint Finish?

The paint rates high on the durability factor as the paint is washable and scrub resistant as well, to a certain extent. The paint finish has a value mechanism working in its favor. The space that is inhabited by kids has to be painted in exciting colors high on durability. These paints have proved to deliver a sense of relief to Moms. Moms can now deal with their devilry streak with panache and how! Kids are usually up to creating a mess - some resolve to Picasso painting and some love to bend it like Beckham! Well, with eggshell paints, moms can afford to heave a sigh of relief. Paints, pencil shadings, patches or any stain that the wall sustains could be scrubbed off the wall. Eggshell colors are also a popular preference for those who are interested in constructing a designer wall with murals. Decorative picture frames are a great option if you want to lend a contemporary look to your walls. Thus, it serves two purposes and two great benefits!


Why Use Eggshell Paint?

Eggshell paints create a unique home decor. In comparison to flat wall paints, eggshell paint is slightly high on luster. It does not possess the property of superior reflectance like gloss wall paints. Using eggshell colors on the walls of the living room makes it look inviting. It also proves to be a wonderful backdrop for classic paintings. They look elegant and lend an air of sophistication. The best part about the paint is that it does not necessarily require two coats. One is perfect as the constitution of the said paint is thicker compared to gloss wall paints. A decorative wall scene can add a whole lot of persona to your dining area. Work out some exciting wall murals - lush green hills, deep blue skies or a village panorama . . . just about anything that adds definition to your walls. Another very effective home decorating idea is to create a strip look in the rooms. It looks royal, as the paint has an inbuilt sheen to deliver. Sheen strips could be created by using this type of paint as the base color and horizontal, vertical or subtle strips could be created with satin or glossy wall paints. The size of the room should be taken into consideration before you opt for a strip type.


So, go ahead, define your style and choose an eggshell paint that defines your wall with clarity, subtlety and grace.

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