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How to Use Different Shades of Green for Your Home

Want to create a beautiful home with colors and hues? Soft and relaxing greens have always been a hot design trend in home paint colors. Read on to know how the shades of green can completely change the look of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

For home decorating, selecting colors can be really difficult. Green is the color of nature, and it is calming to the eye. If you want your home to look nice and natural, there is only one option- green paint. Colors reflect your personality, and as green shades are so soothing, they are huge in home paint trends right now.



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Bedroom, your favorite place for relaxing, offers you comfort after a day’s hard-work. Bedroom decorating involves many things such as colors, light, furniture, curtains, etc. Changing the bedroom colors every season can add new excitement and adventure to bedroom decoration. Shades of green are meant for relaxation, and they can give a fashionable look along with a sense of positiveness to your bedroom. To make your bedroom look attractive and exclusive, there is no need to use bold colors. Light shades of green like tea green or mint cream or honeydew green would give a rich look to the room. Greens that have that touch of earth tone in it, can simply bring the outside inside the bedroom without any clutter. A more faded or antique olive-green is a restful color to the eye. You can also mix brown and green, as it is also a huge design trend in wall colors right now. Three of your walls painted with an earth tone sage color and an accent wall painted with chocolate-brown will be a fabulous combination.


Painting a kitchen is a Herculean task. It is time-consuming with all the little nooks and crannies. Green has a number of shades that can either uplift the energy in your kitchen or make it depressing. So select the shade carefully. Decide whether you want light or shiny green, matte finish or flat finish. Kitchen decorating involves wall tiles, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, etc. You should select a proper shade for the walls. It should match all these things. You will always feel fresh while working in kitchen as green symbolizes nature, and helps create a mood of balance and harmony. You may combine green with colors like yellow, white, and gray to make the room more attractive. A band of lime-green paint gives traditional kitchen a zesty facelift. Green is one of the most popular colors for kitchen. It increases your appetite, and it is a welcoming color that promotes happiness.


Living Room

Green colors can help you create a nice social atmosphere in your living room, which is a place to relax as well as a place to welcome guests. Green, as mentioned above, can create an inviting environment along with good comfort. The colors for living room should be chosen according to the size of the room and color of the furniture in it. Green can be a bright, mild, vibrant, or cool color. It makes great choice for living rooms. It goes well with furniture colored in black, brown, white, or some other common colors. Knowing different living room color schemes is necessary so that you will be able to select the perfect shade for your living room. Shades like mint, olive, and exotic jade are meant for a feel of fresh and airy spring-time atmosphere in living room. A combination of green walls and white furniture is in trend and makes a nice modern interior decor.


In nature, along with water, green plants and blue sky is prominent. While deciding bathroom colors, you should choose green which can represent the nature. If you want your bathroom to look lively, relaxing, rich, select green as the color of the tiles, walls, bathroom accessories, etc. and together it can make an exotic bathroom decor. Just make sure that the color is super strong, durable and washable.

Green colors are generally seen as fresh and rejuvenating, being similar to the colors of nature. Colors have their own interpretations and reflect different emotions. If you want to feel revitalized and energetic, or soothed and relaxed, go for different shades of green. These days, there are really no set rules, and you can be as creative as you want, keeping the basics in mind.


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