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Playroom Paint Ideas

An easy way to enhance the look of a kid’s playroom is by painting it in some appealing colors. Read this Buzzle article for some ideas which are sure to make your little one feel calm and energetic, all at once.

Of course, when it comes to choosing colors for a kid’s room, a bit of a knowledge of color psychology i.e. the effect of colors on a person’s mood helps in an appropriate selection too. In addition to this, the maintenance and up-keep that some colors require is also an important criteria to be considered.


Ideas To Consider

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All White

One of the easiest option is to color the room all white. White has a very calming and soothing effect and thus, would keep your child relaxed. The only problem with white is that it lacks energy and stimulation, which is much-needed when children are playing.


In order to counter this, add a number of bright colored accessories to the room. Toys, furniture, curtains, rugs - get all such elements in vibrant colors like blue, red, orange, and yellow. The contrast of these bright things in the backdrop of white will create a very beautiful effect.

A Touch of Pastel

Similar to white, pastel shades such as light pink, lavender, peach, lemon yellow, and lime yellow are believed to have a soothing effect on the kids too. So if white seems a bit dull to you, an alternative is to choose one of these pastel shades for painting the walls.


All Natural

A combination of blue and green is another popular choice. Both these colors, being close to nature, have a calming effect and add the much-needed energy to the playroom. A creative idea is to paint the walls in green and the ceiling in blue. On the ceiling, you can paint a few white stars with the help of stencils as well as some scattered clouds.


Using shades of brown and green, you can create a jungle-like effect in the playroom. So paint leaves, trees, vines and shrubs to create a forest in the playroom. To make the walls appear a bit bright, add some animals and bird wall decals.

All Designs

Paint the walls in any light color of your choice. Next, create an accent wall, by painting some designs in bright colors like red and orange on it. Polka dots, stripes, zig-zag lines, a number of geometric designs like circle, square and triangle, numbers, alphabets, all such designs will have a stimulating effect on the kid. This will be balanced by other three walls of light paint color.


A Creative Touch

These days you will find chalkboard paints in the market, which create a “blackboard” on the walls. So you can consider painting a portion of the wall with it.


An interesting idea is to paint some “games” on the wall and the floor. You can create a hopscotch game on one of the floor corners and a dartboard on the walls. The kids will love playing these in their spare time. Creating textures on the wall by using techniques like “sponging” will give it a unique look. You can consider painting some of the things that your child likes on the walls to make them interesting for him, such as airplanes, cars, butterflies, flowers, fairies, mountains, oceans, and the like.

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