A mural is a kind of artwork directly applied or painted on a wall. A mural is sure to enhance the decor of your house or wherever applied. Find in this article a few tips for painting a wall mural perfectly.

Unless you are a muralist or have an art degree, there are various questions that will pop up when you get started with painting a wall mural. Should I use varnish? Is it really necessary to apply a primer coat? What is with these various kinds of brushes? Which is the design that suits the decor best? It is not surprising if you are confused, you ought to be, it is your first time after all. Once you get yourself acquainted with the basic tips for painting wall murals, you can then add variations and move on to painting better and bigger wall murals. There are the various type of paints and a number of mural kits available that will help you accomplish your project, plus the creative ideas you put in to get those panoramic pictures or landscapes on the wall will enhance its look and make it look more beautiful than before. So, let’s get started.


How to Paint a Wall Mural

Identify the Wall or Ceiling

To begin with, identify the wall or ceiling where you are supposed to paint the wall mural, ensure that there are no dents or cracks in there as the same would affect the look of your mural. Now, you can have a preparatory coat on the wall surface before you start painting. This will ensure better adhesion of paint on the wall plus it increases the durability and acts as an additional protection for the wall mural.

Get that Perfect Picture

Here, imagination is the key factor. You have to be very careful while choosing the pattern or pictures, since the selected picture or landscape can enhance or ruin the look of your room. You also have to consider factors like the color scheme and size of the image, as a wrong color scheme can make your room look dull and gloomy. If you cannot think of any picture or mural idea for your room the album below might help you find that perfect picture.


Choosing the Right Mural Paints

Paints and paint brushes are the important elements of the whole project. Acrylic paints or latex paints make the perfect choice if you are a beginner. These paints dry quickly and are water-soluble, hence can be easily cleaned. They are also known to produce intense colors and bring in the effect that the picture demands. Moreover, these paints can be used on all surfaces like wood, fabric, canvas and walls.


Choosing the Right Mural Paints Brushes


Coming to paint brushes, while selecting the same you ought to look for high quality synthetic brushes as these compliment well with acrylic colors. There are also different sizes and shapes available, however, you need to pick them up according to your needs and requirements. A thin head paint brush is apt for minute detailing in your mural while a flat and fat head brush works well for large areas of your mural.

Finishing Touches and Maintenance

Once you are done with painting your masterpiece, you need to relax and be patient while the paint dries completely. Some shades may appear light or dark, but do not panic and fix the color or add more color. It is only after the whole thing dries that you get a real picture of your painting. Now, once it dries completely apply a layer of water based varnish smoothly and evenly throughout the picture. This will give the picture a glossy effect and keep the look intact for years to come. As far as the cleaning and maintaining of the mural is concerned, you don’t have to do much, just keep a small piece of silk cloth or georgette to clean it softly, do not scrub it or clean it with a wet cloth!


Textures, Patterns and Variations

There are various ways you can get textures and patterns. You can draw patterns on a chart paper and create a stencil out of it, smoothly paste it on the wall and fill colors to create the printed pattern on the surface below. You can also use a cotton ball or crumpled Turkish towel dipped in colors to get a usual yet fantastic rugged effect. When you dip cut vegetables in color, they are also bound to give an amazing effect. Another way of getting a unique texture is to just stroke your paint brush with a sudden jerk on the wall to get that abstract effect. Explore your creativity and imagination to create beautiful designs.


Another thing you ought to remember is, while your project is in progress, remember to step back every time you are done with a little work to see how it looks from a distance. This will give you the real picture of what you have done! So, brush up your artistic skills and get on to painting a beautiful wall mural, that is unique and original!

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