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Wall Painting Tips

Painting the walls of your house is an easy task, if you do it systematically. Given in this Buzzle article are some tips that will help you carry out this home improvement task.

Interior Wall Painting

Prepare the Room

The carpet and the furniture need to be protected from paint splatters. Place all the movable furniture in the middle of the room, and remember to cover everything, including the floor with plastic sheets. By shifting the furniture, you will get enough room to move around freely while painting. Fix the sheets tightly using masking tape.

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Prepare the Walls

All curtains, wall hangings, electrical outlets, light fixtures, etc., should be removed from the wall surface. Those which cannot be removed should be covered up with plastic bags. Any holes or cracks should be repaired. Clean the wall to get rid of dirt and debris as they can prevent the paint from bonding well with the surface.


Select the Right Paint

Opt for latex paints as they are easy to apply. Semi-gloss paints are ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls as these areas are exposed to a lot of water every day. Choosing interior paint colors is a major concern. When the size of the room is small, opt for light colors. Dark shades are suitable for large rooms only.


Use Primer

Before applying the paint, coat your walls with a layer or two of primer. This makes the surface even and covers all the blemishes, making the entire painting process easier.


Follow the Right Painting Technique

Start with the edges and corners, as they are difficult to reach. Coat these areas using normal paint brushes, and make sure that your strokes are even and short. Proceed towards the wider areas where paint needs to be applied with the help of a roller brush. For painting the ceilings, attach an extension of appropriate length to the paint roller.


Exterior Wall Painting

The preparatory work for the exterior walls is the same as interior painting preparation. Even the wall painting technique is the same in both. However, there are some additional things that have to be kept in mind for home exterior painting.


While selecting the exterior paint scheme, you must select such colors which coordinate well with paint color of the neighboring houses. Otherwise, your house may just look out of place in the neighborhood. The exterior and interior colors should match each other.

Avoid using dark colors on the exterior walls. This is because such colors tend to fade out very easily on exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, lighter shades not only last longer, but also, make the house look larger.


The areas of the walls that receive maximum sunlight and rain should be painted with two coats. Gutters should be painted in the same color as the main wall.

You can use different shades of the same color for the broad section of the wall and use two or more number of colors for the smaller areas. Ready yourself with suitable protective gear like old, comfortable clothes, slip-on shoes, gloves, goggles, and so on before starting the job.

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