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Warm Paint Colors for Office

Having the right paint colors for office walls goes a long way in making the employees feel comfortable and nice about their working environment. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how you can use warm paint colors in your office to make the place more welcoming.

There are many factors that influence the working and performance of a workforce within an office. The overall décor and interior design, believe it or not, does have an effect on people’s moods, their working ability and also their willingness to work in a particular environment. Warm colors are the safest bet when it comes to choosing colors for the office. It induces a level of warmth, and in turn, a feeling of enlightenment and brightness, both literal and figurative, which definitely helps the employees to work better. In this Buzzle article, we’ll guide you about how you can go about using some pleasant and warm paint colors for an office. We’ve segregated these options into formal and creative spaces to highlight the difference in work environment.


Paint Colors for Formal Spaces

Choosing warm colors for painting the interiors of an office is a very suitable option, especially if your office is the type where the environment is very business like and stresses on discipline and decorum a lot. A formal color tone is what you need if your organization deals with formal issues like finance, banking, insurance. For such relatively formal office spaces, given below are three color options.


Deep Brown and Cream

This is one of the eternal favorites when it comes to painting an office space. You can have all your walls painted in cream, except the one that is behind the desk. You can have that one painted in a rich, deep brown, bordered with cream panels. On this wall, you can place all certificates, awards, trophies, etc. on glass shelves. The desk and other furniture in the office should match the brown of the single wall. Also, the drapes or blinds can be a combination of both the colors. Office lighting is generally white, so you can fancy it up a bit with some designer lampshades in cream.


Deep Maroon and Olive

Another great warm combination for a formal office space is that of a deep maroon with a light tone of olive in it. Maroon is a warm color, but you cannot use it on all walls of your office. That will give it a very dull and foreboding appearance. So, you can alternate the walls with maroon and a light shade of olive to keep the balance right. Furniture can be in a neutral black or deep brown. Keep the walls plain, without any major designs or patterns.


Rust and White

Rust is a great warm color that can brighten up an office space, even if a single wall is painted using it. You can have one wall in each room painted in a bright rust color, and the others painted in white. Reserve the rust wall for any notices, announcements, posters, photographs, etc. that you want to put up in the office. It will draw the focus towards the wall and the upbeat color will lift the spirits of the employees.


Paint Colors for Creative Spaces

Now, let us see some color options that creative office spaces can choose to paint their office walls. Creative spaces generally do not mind bright and loud colors. It’s all about expression in creative spaces and colors are a great medium for said expression. Inculcating these colors into the walls of the office is something that most creative offices like those of writers, advertisers, etc. use to enhance the mood and feel to work. Let’s check out which warm colors are best suited to such offices.


Deep Orange

Warmth is the feeling that we want to imbibe in our work space. And there’s no better paint color option than a deep or burnt orange to induce the required warmth into the office. One thing you need to keep in mind if you’re planning to paint an office a deep burnt orange is to ensure that the room gets a lot of natural light. French windows are the best for this. Artificial light may help, but the effect of sunlight is much better. In order to balance out the tone, you can use furniture and accessories made in a light shade of yellow or even white.



Red is another warm color that exudes warmth into a room. You can have all, alternate or a single wall painted in red, and see the difference it makes to your office. The overall effect of an overly red room can turn out to be quite gaudy, if not balanced out with light colored accessories. For a red office, white, gray or even black are good options for a mix of warm and cool colors.



Using a fairly muted tone of yellow for an office is also a wonderful idea. You can have all the walls painted in a golden yellow color and then have each employee dip their palms into a tub of bright orange paint and imprint them on the walls. Below their hand prints, they can sign with a pen in the same color. You can also ask artists to draw out different objects related to your profession using the same orange paint to give it a more cheerful feel.


The trick behind using warm paint colors in your office is to make sure that there’s a good balance between the bright and dull colors. Also, make sure that you don’t overuse any color because the effect can veer towards nauseating. Make sure you use lighting that complements the colors of the walls to make sure that there is enough warmth to go around.

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